For the last three years I have been a part of a bowling league.  We play every Monday night, and it is the one thing that really helps me get started each week.  Not only is it fun, but it helps me to stay in shape.

Since our team has been together for three years, we thought it was time that we made our own custom T-shirts.  Sports teams proudly wear their team jackets, and there was no reason why we shouldn’t have our own to show off as well.

We didn’t have an embroidery shop here in town, so we decided to go online to see if we could find a website where we could get our team shirts made.

After speaking to a few other teams at the bowling alley, we learned that all of them used Crispy Print to get their clothing made.

We decided to check…

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For the last three years I have been a part of a bowling league.  We play every Monday night, and it is the one thing that really helps me get started each week.  Not only is it fun, but it helps me to stay in shape.

Since our team has been together for three years, we thought it was time that we made our own custom T-shirts.  Sports teams proudly wear their team jackets, and there was no reason why we shouldn’t have our own to show off as well.

We didn’t have an embroidery shop here in town, so we decided to go online to see if we could find a website where we could get our team shirts made.

After speaking to a few other teams at the bowling alley, we learned that all of them used Crispy Print to get their clothing made.

We decided to check them out. offered the screen printing that we were looking for.  What really worked well for us was their online design studio software that we could use to design our team logo and what we were going to have printed on our clothing.  We took some inspiration from the samples that they showcased on their site, and were able to come up with a design that really reflected our bowling league.  The software was powerful yet easy to use, and though we had no graphic design skills, our finished product looked like it was designed by a professional.

It felt good to design our own shirts.

We are hoping that they show up by the end of the week so that we can wear them next Monday night – I can’t wait to see the reaction that we get from the other teams. cat ommercial

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Differences Between Screen Printing and Heat Pressed Vinyl

One of the things that we get asked most is what are the differences between screen printing and heat pressing vinyl. So, the goal of this blog post is to help clear up the confusion surrounding the topic.


When we use the term heat press, we are describing a machine that has a platen which gets super hot. This machine has several controls such as temperature, pressure, and time. These controls are needed, because in order to properly apply a material onto a garment you need to make sure they are set correctly. Basically, this machine is like a large iron that gets very hot (400 degrees Fahrenheit) and has a large surface area. A large surface area is needed since it will be needed to print on shirts that range in size from small to six XL. Most often times, the material that is used with a heat press is vinyl. Vinyl is made of a similar material to PVC pipe, but apparel vinyl is very flexible. In addition, apparel vinyl is designed to act as an adhesive at very hot temperatures. This way, when it’s placed on apparel, it literally melts onto it. We happen to use ours for Screen Printing purposes and do not use it to heat press vinyl. Pictured below is a heat press machine that we have here in our shop:

A heat press machine and vinyl are most used when customizing jerseys or doing one off garments.  The reason is that there is basically no setup time, so for orders of less then 12 it is most affordable and time efficient to heat press.

While the low set up time is a plus the think plastic that has been stuck to the shirt often is uncomfortable is often removable and has an unpleasant feeling. Yet, it’s important to keep in mind that for most orders larger then 24 and in multiple colors, screen printing is definitely cheaper.


Screen printing is a much more difficult task then printing with vinyl. The reason is because there are so many more things that go into screen printing a shirt. For example, you have to prepare screens, burn films, align screens, apply ink onto the screens, and then do a test print. Then, after what could easily take an hour worths of setup time, it’ll be time to print. Yet, despite all the possible headaches, screen printed apparel is a far more desired style of print then heat press. As a matter of fact, it’s the most preferred method of printing in existence.

A major difference between screen printing and heat press is that with screen printing it is possible to print gradients. Furthermore, with screen printing, it’s possible to print things that look realistic. For example, pictures of people, places, and things are a breeze to screen print. Screen printing is more expensive for small orders, but much more affordable for larger orders in excess of 15 (depending on design). The reason is because of the setup costs which are the same regardless if your printing 1 or 3000 shirts. Though we here at Rhodes Printing do not charge Setup Fees it is still much cheaper the more you get.


Now that you know some basic differences between Vinyl and Screen printing, we choose to not sell vinyl. We see as a lower form of printing and no not wish to sell a lower quality product to you, our customers. We’ve even come across screen printable transfers that work like vinyl but have the quality of screen printing so that we can sell you even higher quality jerseys. If you enter our store not only will you not see any sort of vinyl printed garment, you will never see them. We have made our stance against vinyl and choose to never print heat pressed vinyl. When you get shirts from us you can always expect the high quality we have become known for, and will always give you that same quality! If you don’t know that much about us or heard about us from a friend be sure to visit us at our 2 locations, Tahlequah and Coweta, and visit our website to see what we do and what we are about!


Your guide to tee shirts,

Dakota Oney

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I’m not Mike Rowe

  I love my job. I LOVE my job. In fact, I’m more comfortable calling it my life rather than my job or at the very least its a career as I sincerely hope I never do anything other than this. You may be thinking that it seems extreme to be so passionate about what someone does for money and not mention how important family is to me. I am in a unique position that I can do something I enjoy for money and have my family alongside me while I do it and I know it is their presence that helps to generate the love I have for my work. We spend long nights together and weekends folding T-shirts or cleaning screens or doing things that probably would seem miserable if I were alone. I would highly recommend when you’re done here, reading the article in this link
   My day consist of scheduling jobs, organizing the people who will bring those jobs to life on T-shirts, answering emails and phone calls, developing screens, setting up our screen printing press, loading and unloading shirts, receiving shipments, doing inventories on supplies, folding and packaging shirts, and the list could go on and on and I could continue making it sound monotonous. However, there is a factor that brings all of this to a different level of energy. Our customers, it would be easy to look at what we do day in and day out and say “you make T-shirts all day every day” and it would be true but it would omit the fact that every single order of T-shirts that we create has a beginning with a typically interesting and fantastic customer. I try to take the time to speak with everyone who walks in or calls or emails and get to know the reasons behind why they would order T-shirts from us. I met a sergeant from the police force and made them shirts with a mannequin head attached to a rod on it alongside the phrase “friends are for losers” The story behind that shirt was that the mannequin head on the rod had been in their evidence room longer than any of the police had been working there and they didn’t know their own story behind it so they used it around the police station to torment and tease each other with it. I’d like to think that use it in “good cop bad cop.”

I met a man who breeds $5000 cats and then flies on airplanes with them in first class to sell them to high-end customers in Hollywood. He called himself a cat rancher.

I’ve talked to hundreds of racecar drivers

 and mixed martial arts fighters. I’ve prayed with customers that are battling the worst diseases that any of us could face. 

There’s so much variety in my day and the passion that I have exist because my customers bring it to me. Our customers wear their passion. It’s evident in every word that they speak. 

   That is as clearly as I can communicate on the topic of why I love my job. I need to be clear though, if for some reason I was unable to do my job or my customers quit coming to me I hope that I would not bemoan taking another job, even if it was a job that I wasn’t as passionate about. Providing for my wife and my three beautiful daughters is priority one in my life. The fact that I have a job that I am passionate about is something I am keenly aware of as being rare in this world. I want young people to read this and know that it is OK to not love your job. It is OK to simply perform your job well for 40 hours a week collect your check provide for your family and then find the thing that you’re passionate about and do that in your off time for free. It’s not reasonable to expect the level of happiness that I have. That is what I have observed over the years. I have observed that I am exceptionally blessed and Ive also observed that many people dislike their job and I am still comfortable saying that they are blessed as well because the third thing that I have observed is that many people cannot find work at all and cannot provide for their family. 

   If you love what you do for a living, tell the world about it. Maybe someone will see the way you live and be able to apply a portion of that to their life and have more happiness. 

If you’re only OK with your job, make sure you have a hobby that you love and tell the world about that. Lastly, if you don’t have a way to provide for your family right now do not despair and stop holding out for your perfect career. Go, now, and mow lawns or flip hamburgers or cut trees, take the first job that anyone offers you regardless of how low you think it might be. Then, once you provided some form of income for your family start seeking out your happiness.
   I hope this finds you all well and prosperous. 

                               Jeremiah 29:11


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The Return of the Graphic Tee

Funny, obscure, retro, rebellious,  or tribal — often broadcasting fandom, in-jokes or subcultural affiliation — the humble graphic t-shirt punches far above its weight. For us here at Rhodes Printing the amount of people wanting these kind of tees is (luckily) quite high. From high schoolers wearing tees with there “code names” written on the back to churches getting hidden message tees for their church camps.

In the past few decades there have been ups and downs for the simple printed tee. Ups being for the “Vote 4 Pedro” ( silly “I’m With Stupid” tees     and downs with the super poplar sweater vest, cardigan and flannel long sleeve shirts. But once again we are seeing a rise with the graphic tee thanks to schools, 5Ks, and camps all needing these graphic tees to help distinguish their group from the rest.

A since of individuality is what is so special about these tees. Having something that stands out from the standard is what is truly special. Should I wear my plain shirt, or should I wear my special shirt? Start Designing yours now! would pick the one that is special. One that has your name printed on the back, the one that has your band printed on the front. Something that makes it yours and no one else’s. That is why these “graphic tees” are so special to us here at Rhodes Printing. We don’t create clothing. We don’t consider ourselves fashion designers. But what we do is provide you with is an option to create your own special tee, something that is unique. Something that is yours alone.

Your guide to creation,

Dakota Oney

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Competition Breeds Excellence

Competition breeds excellence
   As many of you know, A very short time ago Rhodes Printing and opened up a brand-new brick-and-mortar location and Talhequah. We are a company that has been business since 1954 so, it was no small decision in opening up our first ever satellite location. Intense prayer and years of planning went into this move. We took everything into consideration. We looked at population sizes, median household incomes, proximity to nearest competitors and geographic locations as it pertained to larger cities. Once we found a location that we thought was viable we spent time in that location getting to know people and looking at the culture. We nearly opened up in Pryor, Oklahoma but after spending time there we encountered another screen printer who is doing a fantastic job and was a nice man of high integrity and so we decided to move on instead of compete and hurt his business. We eventually landed on Talaquah because our of the two screen printers that existed in town, one was focused on college business and the other was focused on tribal business, so we saw a need in the market and we moved and have been very successful so far. 

   I have seen the opposite of this approach take place. 

   Our location in Coweta is doing great and has been for quite sometime. Over the years we have seen a number of different companies open up in Coweta and try to do screenprinting. A few of them are willing to have lines of communication with us and be friendly most of them never reached out to us or returned calls indicating to us but they were not interested in being friends, but that didn’t necessarily make them an enemy. Recently a new competitor has opened up in our market and has made it clear that he does not want to be friendly. He has told a number of different people that his goal is to put us out of business. I do not understand why anyone would go into business with the priority of hurting someone else instead of simply focusing on what you do well and doing it day in and day out. We are now looking at a third location and as we look at that location and decide where that may be, hurting another company will never figure into our equation. 

   I want to encourage anyone who took the time to read this to maintain a positive attitude towards anyone who goes into competition against you. It’s true that there is a competitor not too far from us geographically that wants us to go out of business, but even now I can honestly say I hope that him and his company do exceedingly well. I only hope that he can find a way to be successful without attempting to hurt other people. We love our jobs and what we do but at the end of the day we all have families to feed. I would never wake up in the morning and hope another man wouldn’t be able to provide for his family. 

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Newish stuff

Here’s some of the work we’ve done lately.










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Four color process

Here’s one we are especially proud of that just rolled off the press today.
This was designed at


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Coweta Tigers Gear

We’ve got new stuff in our store front at 205 n broadway.

Tees $10
Hoodies $20
Hats $15
Beenies $10
Scarves $15
Car flags $10


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Fall festival

Heres a look at this years shirts complete with brand new logo.

September 12-14, 2013

Armband tickets are now on sale through September 11! $15 in advance from these establishments. The Emporium Boutique and the Chamber office will accept credit cards. Unlimited ride wristbands are good Thursday, September 12 from 6pm-10pm OR Saturday, September 14 after the parade (around Noon) to 5pm


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